Relaxation 101: Get a Great Massage

Most folks assume that getting a massage is a luxury. There are those who think that it is merely a way to flirt with someone else. It’s true that some individuals assert that getting a regular massage has many benefits but, for the most part, the major benefits of massage are still being discovered. Have you been trying to determine if you should be spending your hard earned money on regular massages? Consider these lesser known benefits of doing just that!

Massage changes your brain’s chemical production. These chemical changes reduce the stress and pain throughout your body. This is fantastic since it means that you don’t actually have to massage the specific area on your body that hurts. For instance, if you aren’t crazy about the idea of letting another person touch your lower back, ask them to massage your arms and shoulders instead. The pressure on those muscular tissues will activate the chemical reactions in your brain. After some of this massage, the other muscles will destress and relax also.

There are several experts who think that getting a regular massage can help you stay in a healthy state. There have been studies that show massage boosts your immune system which makes it easier for you to combat illness and disease. This takes place because your body produces more de-stressors when it is being massaged. For instance, studies have shown that massage lowers the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is induced by stress and assaults the immune system so easing your stress is a great way to continue to be healthy.

Did you know that getting a massage can help bring down your blood pressure? Hypertension is decreased as well. This is because massage activates the pneumogastric nerve and the vagus nerve is responsible for regulating your blood pressure as well as several other crucial functions in the body. A 2005 study proves that those who have hypertension showed a striking improvement in their levels after having just ten ten-minute massages over the course of several weeks.

It’s possible to give yourself a massage as well. Lots of people think that they need to be massaged by another person but this isn’t true. You don’t have to even massage the very same area that is in pain so long as you get close to the area. One example of this is someone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can help himself by massaging his own arms a couple of times each week.

Massage offers you a lot of benefits. You can even take it to the next level and book an appointment with Charlotte The Joint chiropractic. Most people know that it can be a relaxing experience but it can help treat many medical conditions also. Know that there is no one form of massage that is better than the other. A great massage requires using enough pressure to make indentations on the skin and nothing more. So why don’t you try it out and feel some of the benefits yourself?